Julie Vermaerke is the founder of Out The Box Learning Centre. In her many years of teaching experience, she has seen a gap in the education system for children who are “Out The Box”, children who are capable but have been stalled in their development because of the boxes people try fit them into. Julie believes every child has the potential to learn, to socialise and has a talent to show the world. She wanted to create a space that would accommodate the needs of children who don’t fit the traditional teaching and education style of today.

Our Aim

Our aim is to develop each child to be able to function independently and socially with confidence. We want our children to have happy, constructive days at our Centre in an environment that is relaxed, positive and supportive. We hope to enhance the strengths and abilities of our children and improve on the challenges they experience on a daily basis. We hope to put some fun back into their days and to help them reach their potential.



Our method allows us to create a comfortable, fun and interactive environment that allows concrete learning through play, movement, music, art and general social interaction, with a focus on functional academics and concept development. Programs work around individual progress charts where each child is able to master a skill or concept before moving on to the next skill. Children are given the opportunity to progress at their own personal pace, since there are no set classes or age groups and the program is designed specifically for the needs of the child.

Environment & Facilities:

Our Centre offers a semi- open plan setup, with specific areas used for daily tasks. We have a kitted out art room, a relaxing reading area and library, a music room and work spaces designed for the individual needs of our children. Our outside area includes a jungle gym, sand pit, trampoline and some added unique touches for those children who require sensory stimulation.