Julie Vermarke
Director and Programme Specialist

Julie is the Captain at Out The Box, so called out of her love for sailing. Along with her second in charge, Tyler the sea dog, they run Out The Box Learning Centre with a passion and energy that rubs off on the children and team alike. Although Julie wanted to study fine art, she couldn’t shake the call to teach. After ten years of experience at a nursery school, she saw a need for a holistic education approach and started Out The Box Learning Centre.
With the perfect mix of fun, creativity, passion and a touch of firm captaining, the students thrive and blossom into remarkable individuals.

Mascot and Therapy Dog

Tyler is Julie's righthand canine. She has been with Julie for over 6 years and her loyalty towards her is unquestionable. She is loved by all the staff and kids and if she is not around for the day, there is a definite sense that someone is missing. Having a natural instinct to assist children and adults alike,  Tyler keeps a watchful eye on the happenings of the Centre and is always keen to join in, especially on Fridays if we are taking a trip to the park.

Kristen Porteous
Director and Centre Manager

Kristen joined Out The Box Learning Centre out of her love for children and helping them reach their full potential. She has a keen interest in learning new things and has a background in psychology and teaching. Saying yes, with a leap of faith, Kristen has climbed with vigour into the marketing and running of the Centre, as well as squeezing in a few lessons here and there. She keeps everyone on course and makes sure everything is ship shape. She hopes to create a safe and fun environment for children to learn and play, thus forging the path for each child to reach their true potential.

Prince Mahasha
Assistant Tutor and Groundsman

Prince has been with Out The Box since the building was being renovated. Seeing initiative and drive in him Julie quickly snatched him up for her crew. Prince is our grounds man, sports coach, and wire and woodwork extraordinaire. With a natural instinct in helping children learn, he is hoping to study further in education. He is patient and firm with the students and always ready with a smile and a joke.

Faith Mabena
Assistant Tutor

Faith joined the crew in August 2016. As a mom of two teenage boys she fell easily into her roll, gaining authority and respect from the children almost instantly. Her calm and patient nature has shown how she has an affinity for working with children who are limited in certain abilities. Faith will be undergoing training to enrich her already amazing ability to teach the students. As a mother figure in our team, Faith has a strong balance of discipline and love for what she does and is eager to keep learning. She is a pillar of strength and calm and her amazing touch is loved and respected